Kasia at home

Kasia P. Wittie

Painting people, in portraits and life scenes, is the art focus of Kasia Pacanowska-Wittie. Long having mastered the nuances of portraiture, she is a painter of thoughts and emotions. Even her most formal works show the subtle interplay of feelings in her subjects. She is long celebrated in Europe.

Kasia Wittie has Master of Fine Arts, summa cum laude, in both painting and graphic arts. Her classical art education at the prestigious Academy of Fine Arts in Warsaw (MFA, 1980) and the renowned Royal Academy of Fine Arts in Amsterdam honed her talent and formed her lasting respect for traditional values in art. Her works extol the beauty of life and human nature.

Her paintings have been featured in eleven one-person exhibitions (nine in Europe; two in New York) and twenty-five group art shows, including five in New York, where she moved in 1995. She worked in Warsaw as art director for several national magazines and for Toyota Motor Poland, where she was responsible for all visual advertising in Poland in 1993-94. As a free-lance designer, she has created sixty-six book covers, painted three Man-of-the-Year covers, and for many years supervised all Polish National Tourist Agency advertising.

Kasia Wittie has instant rapport with people. Painting their charm, warmth, sensitivity, wisdom and smiles is her great pleasure and challenge. In painting scenes from life, she strives to show the moods that vibrate between people and fill their world. She also loves to capture the magic of the world of dance and ballet. Kasia Wittie seeks not only to portray the features of people, but to define their inner values.